how to use tamiya cement

One thing that really surprised me about this cement was its ability to fill and ‘erase’ seams and gaps. Obviously kits consist of individual parts. Just worth noting that it works that fast. If you do a lot of conversion and kit-bashing, you’ll know that sometimes your cuts and joins can be a little rough. Its … This cement can also be used to cement ABS plastic parts to styrene parts. This cement, on its own, smooths out those rough spots where you get a little carried away with a chisel cut or something and reduces gap filling and cleanup to virtually non-existent levels of work. The other indication of the powerful melting is that, when it’s had some time to work, if you squeeze the pieces together really hard, liquid plastic will seep out of the joint. I use both extra thin and ‘normal’ plastic cement, and I think they are great! I make sure I keep the cap on when I'm not actively gluing. Just the right size. Sanding will take care of minor problems. I use both Tamiya liquid cement with the green cap (extra thin) and Tamiya regular, white cap bottle. On smaller bits, as I mentioned earlier, I usually just hold the two sides together with my fingers and touch a loaded brush on the join. This isn’t really a desirable thing but it only happened to me when I did it on purpose to test it. Glue parts together using Tamiya Cement. • Original Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (Item 87038) is still recommended for use in situations where you wish to fill larger gaps and seams. If there’s too much loaded up, it can (and will) find cracks and seams on the detail of the model and run along them. as it can cause brittleness. Did you like this article? It won’t replace Liquid Green Stuff, regular Green Stuff, putties like Tamiya White Putty or Squadron Green, but it will definitely take a place alongside them. Caution must prevail if you have young ones. The Tamiya Liquid Cement 40ml is widely regarded as one of the best cements for plastic model kits that use polystyrene plastic. You can get it all set up, even rubber band the items together or hold them tightly, all without attaching anything permanently. The bottle cap features a integrated applicator brush. The thin is really fast and a great glue. I use lacquer thinner as a cement for styrene. Tamiya Extra Thin Cement is a widely popular glue among modelers around the world. I had let the Tamiya cement sit for about 30 minutes by that point. A short list Testors liquid cement Tenex 7R Amboid Pro Weld Plastrut cement Tamiya extra thin Tamiya regular Allow 2 days drying time for the cement to dry hard before sanding and cleaning up the joints – see the video for more on this. Share it with your friends! Tamiya Putty is renown as a repair filler for modifying plastic models (e.g., gunpla). With this bottle, I’m able to just leave it sitting on one of my legs or even a couch cushion and screw or unscrew the top with one hand. I use it for connecting 1/48 scale wings and hull without a problem, it's much better than Revell Contacta Like I said, it might not seem like it’s that cool, but the bottle is actually one of the reasons I really appreciate this stuff. It’s kind of cool that it can do that, but be careful if you’re working on a space marine shoulder pad or a tank or something broad and flat like that. I’m no scientist, but I understand It’s a natural property of many liquids (especially water) that causes them to pull themselves into tiny gaps and cracks, due to surface tension. So, so easy. The other thing worth mentioning is that, since it does melt the plastic so thoroughly, you might notice that brushing over the same spot you’ve already done will actually pull a little plastic onto the tip of the brush. 4.6 out of 5 stars 56. Specifications : Tamiya Product Number: 87182; IN STOCK. Like I said before, though, even when this has happened to me I haven’t seen it distort any details. It is best to use the Quick Setting Extra Thin Cement when you are looking to glue parts together very quickly, in order to move onto the next step of the building process faster. Leave for a while until cement has completely hardened. 161. It will help decals adhere and conform to difficult curved surfaces or matte-painted surfaces. Once you put the brush back in the bottle I think it just disperses in, and hasn’t caused any problems with the brush getting gunked up or anything like that. Once you get the hang of it, Tamiya Extra Thin Cement’s capillary action allows you to be far more precise when you’re gluing something together. I’ve used this glue for all of that. This amount of glue is enough for numerous models and will last for a long time. When I’ve done the same with regular plastic cement, only glue would seep out. It works so well, you can simply hold the model together and touch the tiny brush (built into the cap) to the joint, and wait. No matter how hard you try, the neck space and sides always have visible seams. The extra thin formula allows the modeller to glue together small pieces that require pin point accuracy and finesse using the brush included. But it gets better. I think this glue might be the easiest way to fill gaps I’ve ever used. I use Tamiya Extra Thin, which is extremely aromatic. Everything. I used Tamiya cement and it does work to hold, and doesn't expand when it dries. Maybe I thought it would be watered down or something. Retail $4.80 SAVE 20% ! Use an old paintbrush to apply cement on large areas quickly, but use a brush only with one type of cement (don't cross dip). I think I had been using too much glue before, so the joins were a little weak as the plastic wasn’t thoroughly mixed in the middle. Oh, and the little brush is pretty great, too. 98. Tamiya plastic cement is thicker, I guess it is comparable to other hobby plastic cements like Revell or Citadel in viscosity. I’m not just saying that, either. The regular CA glues are thin, and run like water. It doesn’t take very much of this stuff to form a strong bond, so use it sparingly. Dungeons and Dragons figure from Heroforge. You can also paint it onto a surface. Apply a small amount of cement to one of the gluing surfaces and press the parts together. He uses it all the time when he works with styrene scratch-builds. Thinning and using Tamiya paint and cement, This video will save you time and trouble. It pulls the plastic into the glue. For fuse halfs etc, i use normal tamiya glue (white cap, not yellow) on both sides of the part, place the parts together, and then add a few drops down the seam. EDIT: The stuff in the pot gets pretty cloudy/gunky after a long time. I’ve used so many over the years and I have to say, this one is a game changer. Just about, anyway. Leave for a while until cement … Glue parts together using Tamiya Cement. This is especially evident when you use plastics of different colors, such as the gray Citadel plastic and white Evergreen plastic sheets. $14.98 $ 14. I had assumed, for whatever reason, that it would be weaker than Citadel plastic cement or other similar products. It comes in a metal tube, like toothpaste, and has a fairly large nozzle. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. Tamiya Item # tam87182. Tamiya EXTRA THIN model cement is used to glue together plastic model kits that use polystyrene plastic. It also has less-tendency to seep out from part joints. I think I’m in a weird honeymoon period with this glue, but it’s about as exciting as a grade-school crush at this point. • Note: Not for use with elastomer (used on tank track parts, etc.) I have used liquid cements for ages but it cam down to what was available. This is one of the most popular extra thin types of cement for plastic model kits available on the market. Just be careful of where you touch the applicator brush if you rubber band your fuselage together before applying the glue. Tamiya Extra Thin Cement is a widely popular glue among modelers around the world. On larger flat areas, I wipe most of the excess off the brush, smooth a very thin layer across just one side, press the pieces together and then load up the brush and just touch it to one part of the gap. A note on CA Glues - these glues will bond skin together, or just about anything else, so they should not be used around children without adult supervision. - YouTube. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Go from dry-fit to permanent join in minutes, basically. The bond is really, really strong with this stuff. Most hobbyists don’t apply directly from the tube to miniature, but use a small tool like a toothpick or other applicator. If the thin nature of the glue was the only benefit, it would still be an excellent product and I’d recommend it to you all. © 1992-2020 Tamiya USA All Rights Reserved. Real talk: Tamiya Extra Thin Cement is a game-changer. (22) Tamiya # tam87182. When it does this from two pieces, it pulls them together and mixes them at the seam. Gap fillers and how to use them. Because the chemicals are so powerful, and the glue’s so thin, the same capillary action works in reverse on the plastic it melts. as it can cause brittleness. Like the consistently of the original Extra Thin Cement product, the Quick Setting version is highly liquid and able to flow into small cracks, making it useful for attaching parts in very tight spaces. I was very surprised to find the joins even stronger than what I was used to. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and never miss a new video. Bottle features a handy brush on the underside of the cap for easy application. I thought I’d give it a shot and see what all the fuss was about. The Quick Setting Cement typically dries in under 10 seconds, whereas the standard Extra Thin Cement dries within 40 seconds of application. General everyday cement and ideal for sticking larger components together In my experience, the Tamiya cement is superior to the Testors. My favorite way to use this glue now is to ‘tack’ pieces together with little dabs, let it set for a few minutes, and then make any small adjustments it needs. It is also recommended that you are sure of your parts attachment and fit when using this faster setting glue. Just one more tool in the arsenal. I then pounded some lead flat, placed it under the floor with some tub caulk to hold it and a couple little BB sized lead weights in the instrument console mold hole and then glued 'er up again (didn't bother cleaning the glue residue as the new glue seemed to melt it. Other options New from $14.88. Let me tell you why. It includes 40ml and is served in glass bottle with applicator brush. Thinning and using Tamiya paint and cement, This video will save you time and trouble. It will clean itself off, but all that melted plastic will disperse into the pot. I’d seen it around at my local scale model shop, but they have so many funky chemicals I never know what’s actually good. The extra thin formula allows the modeler to glue together small pieces that require pin point accuracy and finesse. I’ve seen tutorials online for using different chemicals to do this same thing — the craziest one was using scale modeling water effects to fill in. This glue is so thin (as its name suggests) that it literally pulls itself into the gap while you just sit there and relax. Making sure you have plenty of ventilation is the rule of the day. If you do this, make sure you remove most of the glue by running it across the lip of the bottle. Original Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (Item 87038) is still recommended for use in situations where you wish to fill larger gaps and seams. I’ve been putting together a Land Raider, some Vanguard Veterans, two Stormtalons and the entire set of Space Hulk genestealers, plus the Blood Angel librarian and objectives. That means less reaching and grabbing and fewer chances to knock over all the tools and bits that inevitable end up balanced all across the folds of clothes on my legs and shirt or blanket. 2 Pack TAMIYA 87038 Extra Thin Cement Glue FINE TIP 40ML. Many kits contain similar parts, so read the instruction manual carefully, always double-checking the part numbers. Using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement by Chad Repaal I have found that for some applications Tamiya Extra Thin cement is a little too runny. Saved by Greg. This version is the “quick setting” variant that dries around 4 times faster than the original Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, saving you time (and energy) holding parts in place! Learn more. Otherwise known as magic in a bottle. Tamiya regular Cement orange cap You can replace the brush in the orange regular bottle with a smaller brush from the Extra Thin bottle. It comes in a small 40ml jar typical for chemicals made by Tamiya. Once I’m happy with the pose or fit, I then ‘flood’ the cement around the joint and let it fill in on its own. When I do assembly work, I often work on my couch so I can watch a movie.

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