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ABS plastic is widely considered to be a more durable and longer lasting plastic to commonly-used alternatives such as PVC. For example, where it is desired to recycle the plastic components of a computer housing (which is primarily composed of ABS, PCABS, and other plastics) to take advantage of the recycled ABS, the computer housing must first be separated into various components representing the many plastics used in the construction of the computer housing. The “other” plastics include styrene acrylonitrile (SAN), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polycarbonate (PC) and nylon. 7 This is the last category that includes “other” plastics. Before you try to recycle plastic, look at the bottom of the container to see if it can be recycled. What types of plastic film can I recycle? Dedusting involves separating dust from re-processed materials. Many schools and organizations work to collect and recycle materials, including plastics and aluminum cans. Plastic resin sales include: Virgin natural pellets and recycled plastic resin from single stream postindustrial (PI) and post-consumer (PCR) sources. Certain trash bags must contain at least 10 percent recycled plastic. If you have plastic materials to recycle or you’re interested in purchasing plastic scraps, then turn to us at Power Plastic Recycling. Our scrap plastic recycling solutions use the latest technology, and our experienced staff members make quality their number one priority. You can also try scratching the plastic with your fingernails — ABS plastic won't get scratched easily. Some worrisome emerging environmental issues involve plastics, including gigantic oceanic garbage patches and the microbeads problem.Recycling can alleviate some of the problems, but the confusion over what we can and cannot recycle continues to confound consumers. Plastic No. If you drop the plastic and it immediately gets scuff marks all over it, it's not ABS. Processed every day. In 2017, at least 1.35 billion pounds of post-consumer rigid plastics were recycled nationwide – 4 times the amount recycled in 2007. Our recycling operation are in Amanzimtoti, south of Durban, but with a network capable of servicing clients all over KZN. ABS plastic is incredibly tough and durable. Often times, this is due to people not knowing what is truly recyclable. In addition to plastic grocery sacks, you can recycle vegetable bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, food storage bags, and newspaper delivery bags. Many recycling plants sort, recover and then discard the unusable materials. These activities range from plastic scrap trading on the one end to the production and selling of finished products manufactured from recycled plastic on the other. 503-829-3550 Lids on plastic bottles and tubs can be recycled but need to be left on the containers after they are empty and clean. We collect and recycle plastic scrap from manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses across the country. JCL Plastic Enterprises (JCL) is a plastic recycler based in Benoni, South Africa. Number 1 and 2 plastic can always be recycled. Plastic bag recycling bins are not just for plastic shopping bags. Connect and trade directly with suppliers & buyers of recycled plastics and plastic scraps from 140 countries Dust is the most common fine impurity, which attaches to recycled pellets or granules. These components are acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Reduce waste by learning about the recyclability of common 3D printer plastics like PLA and PETG. Plastic Trash Bags. Made from 95% recycled ABS plastic, this filament delivers a more environment friendly solution to your ABS plastic needs without sacrificing quality. Number 4 and 5 plastic can usually be recycled, but not always, so you'll want to contact your local recycling center if you're not sure. It should be labeled with a number 1 through 7. USPR has the capacity to handle the largest plastic scrap sellers. ABS is also a recyclable thermoplastic, however, unlike PLA, it is petroleum based. Join the grass roots groups to recycle. While metal and electronics components can be easier to recycle, toy pieces made of plastic and wood may be more difficult. It is sensible in protecting our planet to use a plastic recycler company to handle extensive scrap plastic that may be generated from your manufacturing process or the cut offs from finished products. Plastic cold drink cups with lids for take-out beverages; Plastic garden pots and trays for bedding plants, seedlings, vegetable plants, etc. Silage wrap, crop cover, polytunnel, HDPE canisters & fertiliser bags are all materials we can recycle for the farming sector. As well as being an entirely recycled plastic compound, it is easy to recycle itself and is considered a food grade thermoplastic, compliant with food contact regulations. Aliases: “Other” plastics, styrene acrylonitrile (AS/SAN), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polycarbonate, polyactic acid (PLA). Plastic goods are assigned different numbers to grade them for recycling: #1 (PET) and #2 (HDPE) for containers, #4 (LDPE) for bags, #7 for mixed plastics such as polycarbonates that are not recyclable. Common ABS Plastic Applications. LDPE Film. The world's largest plastic recycling marketplace. Plastic tubs and lids for food such as margarine and spreads, dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, etc. Farm Plastics. Call us with questions! We pick up nationwide and handle all shipping costs. We recycle most types of ABS plastic which includes redundant containers, casing from electrical components and other items commonly used in UK manufacturing. Plastic is a versatile and inexpensive material with thousands of uses, but it is also a significant source of pollution. ABS is the number 9 symbol and is used in automotive, model building and molded parts. Let PlastiCycle be your one stop shop for all of your plastic recycling needs. 13 Dedusting of pellets. The presence on an item of a recycling code, a chasing arrows logo, or a resin code, is not an automatic indicator that a material is recyclable; it is an explanation of what the item is made of. We process ABS, PA, PC, PE, PET, PP, PS, PVC. KM Plastics is a plastic recycling company based in Durban. To handle high volume, single streams of plastic. We take clean or contaminated scrap from plastics manufacturers and turn it into clean plastic molding materials. Manufacturers producing RPPCs (defined in statute) must meet one of several options, such as use of 25 percent recycled plastic feedstock. An easy way to tell if a plastic film can go in the bin is to see if it is labeled with a #2 or #4. Consumption rates: Of all the oil produced in the world, at least 8% is used to produce plastic products, another 4% as raw materials, and yet another 4% for fuel and energy during plastic production. We can recycle all polymer types such as PE, PP, PET, ABS, PS, Nylon, PC plus other engineering grade resins. Finding yourself with a mountain of 3D printer waste? Plastic Recycler Recycling has become a way of life for many people that are conscious of our dwindling resources and of environmental issues. ABS plastic sheets and rods are used in thermoforming applications where heat-induced flexibility and physical appearance are preferred. We require a minimum of a 2,000 lbs post industrial / commercial waste / scrap plastic, depending on the plastic type or form. Products containing number 7 or numberless plastics are often made from a variety of resins. We recycle most grades of HDPE utility pipe including gas pipe, water pipe and corrugated. In Michigan, some plastic beverage bottles can be recycled by returning them to the grocer, with a $.10 deposit being returned to the customer. The main problem is identifying what type(s) of plastic the toys are made from. Recycling codes are used to identify the material from which an item is made, to facilitate easier recycling or other reprocessing. Safety equipment; Automotive parts; Machine guards; Medical equipment; Prototyping; Next time you pick up a plastic item, check the bottom — if its recycle number is a 9, then it contains ABS plastic. Where To Recycle Plastic Nearby. Recycled Plastic The process of recycling used plastic from consumable products is an efficient means to reprocess the material into useful products. So we recycle not to capitalize, but to regenerate. 4 production lines. A recent study found that over 60% of people in the U.S. have access to non-bottle rigid container recycling. You are unlikely to find municipal programs that accept them. These include polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE, and LDPE forms), polystyrene, polypropylene PVC and ABS. ABS plastic is also known for its shock absorbency. Plastic bottles get sold, shipped, melted, resold, and shipped again, sometimes crossing the entire planet. Almost all recycling centres accept plastics #1 #2, 4, 5 and #6. Plastic testing services include: With the growing movement toward single-stream recycling, many recycling programs collect plastics #1-#7, with the exception of #6 expanded polystyrene (better known as styrofoam) and plastic bags and film. With a reputation for being hard to recycle, polystyrene, or PS plastic, is another type you should be worried about if you want to clean-up your waste bin and keep plastics from the environment. 30 metric tonnes. Plastic Expert recycles most grades of LDPE packaging plastic. In addition we also service any used or obsolete gaylord boxes and supersacks from our suppliers. JCL Provides recycling solutions to companies wanting to dispose of plastic waste. Chemical recycling provides an alternative to landfill and incineration for erstwhile hard-to-recycle plastic wastes, such as films, multi-layered and laminated plastics. The Recycled ABS filament is available in 1.75mm diameter and in 750g spools. Get in touch with us to learn more about your options. And what was, is. A high-impact resistance in combination with a hardcell-textured surface also makes ABS plastics ideal for consumers who are looking for an attractive faceplate. We specialize in reclaiming and recycling mainly PVC (Flexible) ABS,HIPS,HDPE,Nylon and PP. Birch sells our plastic resin materials as pellets, regrind, or powder form, all from our facility located in Houston, Texas. Recycling plastic toys is difficult. 8 types of plastic regrinds. If you can’t have the patience or time to create ecobricks, a recycling company is also open to receiving plastic donations of all kind—sando bags, plastic bottles, food packaging, and more. Bales are collected nationwide. ABS, also known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a polymer that is composed of three different monomers. Polyamide (PA), known more commonly as Nylon, is another (theoretically) recyclable material regularly used for 3D printing, but don’t put it in your curbside recycling. Many different products make great sources of recyclable material, including: soda bottles, plastic packaging, sheets and pellets. Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers (RPPC). This equates to a total increase of over 1 billion pounds of plastic recovered for recycling since 2007! Recycling Plastic Toys. Many types of thin, flexible plastic are accepted.

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